About Us

Premier Drilling Equipment is a well-established core & diamond drilling product supplier to the mining and exploration industry in Africa. We pride ourselves on the fact that we only source the best quality drilling products from the world’s leading suppliers.

This helps our happy customers minimise the amount of downtime on their projects as a result of faulty or low-quality drilling equipment.

Our Range of Core Drilling Products Include:

– Drill Rods & Casing
– Core Barrels
– Diamond Drilling
– Grease & Polymers
– Instruments
– Versadrill Diamond Drilling Products

We are proud to be a Level 3 B-BBEE Contributor with a B-BBEE Procurement Recognition level of 110%.

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If you need any of the above core drilling products, please call us on 011 466 6822 or send your inquiries to graham@premierdrilling.co.za